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Canadian Made - why does it cost more?

Hey folks!

I'm going to be honest with you - apparel is not cheap!

Sure you can buy low cost apparel if you buy outside of Canada - particularly if it doesn't bother you that in many countries where apparel is made, those making the apparel barely get paid, have ZERO benefits or coverage and are often mistreated... human rights? What are those?

At Frocked Up we damn well give a care... a forking lot. It's why we only carry Canadian made apparel.

Yes, it costs more. A lot more. Even wholesale is much more expensive, but we can sleep at night, knowing that the apparel at Frocked Up supports Canadians, puts money into the Canadian economy and helps keep, and create, jobs in Canada.

So, how about you forking care where what you wear comes from? Now, get Frocked Up and show others that you give a care.